Advisory Directors

West Port Advisory Directors

Kenneth R. Baldridge, Emeritus

Sean J. Hogan

Ryan F. Baldridge

James P. Leonard

William L. Bates

Joseph G. McCulloch

Ronald A. Battelle

Robert P. McCulloch

James W. Baxendale

Matthew J. Miriani D.O.

Michael A. Becker

Michael O’Mara

Kenneth W. Bennett

Gary B. O’Neal, Emeritus

Joseph W. Bommarito

John M. Peterson

James E. Bright

Kevin F. Reardon

Mark I. Bronson

James J. Schneider, DDS

Leonard W. Buckley Jr.

Vincent A. Schneider III

Thomas B. Charles, MD

Harvey Serota, MD

Nicolas D. Colicchio

James J. Sievers Jr.

John S. Cournoyer

Jackie L. Smith

Jeri J. Devereaux

Michael D. Stokes

Patrick M. Dolan

J. Allen Thiel MD, Emeritus

Dr. William A. Droege

Charles “Mack” Walbaum

Gonzalo A. Fernandez

Laurie L. Westfall

Lawrence C. Friedman

Ronnie L. White II

Michael F. Gallagher

James W. Wright

Matthew G. Hayes

Fred M. Yeager

Florissant Advisory Directors

Linda L. Behlmann

David W. Otto

Henry P. Bruemmer

Glen R. Otto

Kim Davidson

Mark C. Petersen

Mark Goldstein

Michael P. Reilly

Lia Holter

Keith Took

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