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Commercial Bank has noticed a recent increase in check fraud and text/email scams.


Checks are being stolen from personal mail boxes and the blue post office mailboxes. The payee is altered and the amount is sometimes changed before being deposited fraudulently. Protect yourself by reviewing your account daily for this type of activity. Consider other options of payment such as ACH or Bill Pay. Business customers should utilize our Positive Pay service to review account activity.


Text/Email scams often begin with a text or email to you asking you to be a personal shopper. The fraudster will email you a copy of a check and ask you to deposit to your account, usually via Mobile Deposit. In one case, the check was sent via certified mail. They will then ask you to buy gift cards with the money sent. However, the check you deposited is fraudulent, leaving you out those funds. Remember, no one normally sends you money for free. If it seems suspicious, delete the message.


Or, you may receive a text or email with a link they ask you to click. This link is malicious and will allow them to gain access to your personal information or obtain your Online Banking credentials. Common red flags in these fraudulent messages include a misspelled “From” email address, typos in the body of the text or email and a sense of urgency. Always think before you click and if you notice any red flags, delete the message.


Be cautious and keep your accounts protected. If you have questions about any checks, emails or texts you receive, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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